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This study was carried out in accordance with the recommendations of [name of guidelines], [name of committee]. The protocol was approved by the [name of committee]. All subjects gave written informed consent in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.

written informed consent

Should the study be exempt from ethics approval, authors need to clearly state the reasons in the cover letter and manuscript. In order to protect subject anonymity, identifying information should not be included in the manuscript unless such information is absolutely necessary for scientific purposes AND explicit approval has been granted by the subjects.

Frontiers follows the Angara Round GIA Certified Sapphire Halo Ring with Diamond Accents 69ARJFmSl
on the protection of research participants, which state that patients have a right to privacy that should not be violated without informed consent. We require non-essential identifiable details to be omitted from all manuscripts, and written informed consent will be required if there is any doubt that anonymity can be maintained.

It is the responsibility of the researchers and authors to ensure that these principles are complied with, including the obtaining of written, informed consent.

Written informed consent can be documented on a form provided by an institution or ethics committee, and it must clearly state how the identifiable data will be used. Frontiers also makes available its own , which may be used for this purpose, but use of the Frontiers form is not required if a suitable alternative form of consent, meeting the ICMJE recommendations , is used. We consider it to be the authors’ duty to encourage participants or patients whose consent for publication is required to read and understand the ICMJE guidelines, for their information prior to completing the consent form. Participants should also be encouraged to ask any questions and to ensure they are comfortable before they sign the consent form.

The completed consent forms should be stored by authors or their respective institutions, in accordance with institutional policies. Frontiers does not need to view the completed form, and this should not be included with the submission. The completed form should be made available on request from the editor or editorial office, both during the review process and post-publication.

The determination of what constitutes identifiable data lies with our editors and editorial office staff, and manuscripts may be rejected if the required consent documents cannot be provided. Please note that written informed consent for publication is required for all case report articles where the patient or subject is identified or identifiable.

Frontiers recognizes our responsibility to correct errors in previously published articles. If it is necessary to communicate important, scientifically relevant errors or missing information, and compelling evidence can be shown that a major claim of the original article was incorrect, a Correction should be submitted detailing the reason(s) for and location(s) of the change(s) needed in the cover letter. Corrections can be submitted if a small portion of an otherwise reliable publication proves to be misleading, e.g. an error in a figure that does not alter conclusions OR an error in statistical data not altering conclusions OR mislabeled figures OR wrong slide of microscopy provided, or if the author / contributor list is incorrect when a deserving author has been omitted or somebody who does not meet authorship criteria has been included.

Educational Services

Laerdal Educational Services offer instructor-led on-site courses to help instructors implement best practices in simulation using hands-on interactive content. Courses range from how to get started, to basic simulation, to advanced use of simulators. We also offer consultative and custom solutions to help with more specific needs.

Technology Refresh

As technology ages, productivity declines, downtime increases, and repair costs can soar. Having a plan for consistent simulation software and equipment updates, which often include new clinical functionality, allows you to provide the best learning opportunities for healthcare providers.

Are you prepared?

Technical Services

Laerdal offer comprehensive Technical Support Services Programs to meet your specific product and training needs.

FAQs Documentation for SimMan Essential

A realistic, full-body adult, wireless patient simulator, SimMan Essential offers comprehensive clinical functionality to teach the core skills of airway, breathing, cardiac and circulation management.


Multiple airway skills/features


Vascular access

Breathing features


Circulation features

Cardiac features

System features

Other features

Patient Monitor (Optional)

Controllable open/closed airway;automatically or manually controlled

Head tilt/Chin lift

Jaw thrust w/articulated jaw

Suctioning (Oral and Nasopharyngeal)

Bag-mask ventilation

Orotracheal intubation

Nasotracheal intubation

Combitube, LMA, and other airway placement

Endotracheal tube intubation

Retrograde intubation

Fiberoptic intubation

Transtracheal jet ventilation

Needle cricothyrotomy

Surgical cricothyrotomy

Variable airway resistance on/off

Right main stem intubation

Stomach distention

Decreased range of cervical motion

Blinking eyes

Eyes open, closed and partially open

Eye inserts, manually change pupils

IV arm (right arm) Establish IV

Intraosseous access (tibia and sternum)

Simulated spontaneous breathing

Bilateral and unilateral chest rise and fall

CO2 exhalation

Normal and abnormal breath sounds

Manual drug recognition


BP measured manually by auscultation of Korotkoff sounds

Carotid, femoral, radial,dorsalis pedis, posterior tibialis pulses and brachialis (only left side) synchronized with ECG

Pulse strength variable with BP

Pulse Palpation is detected and logged

Extensive ECG library

Heart sounds – four anterior locations


multiple therapeutic modalities and training in neuropsychological and personality assessment


thoughtful integration of spirituality and psychology in both training and practice

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Meet a few of our faculty


Associate Professor of Marital and Family Therapy

Dr. Yoon Hammer’s training and research consider the practitioner’s experience and perspective, and she encourages students to develop an awareness of the ways their own narratives inform their clinical work. She brings an expertise in medical family therapy, serving patients and their families coping with challenging medical diagnoses. “Even in situations where there is no cure, there can be healing,” she says. “As therapists, we are healers as we embody hope.”


Restoring Hospitality: A Blessing for Visitor and Host



Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology

“I’m passionate about aiding students as they grow in their relationship with Christ and the church at the same time that they develop as Christian clinicians—helping them integrate their ‘head knowledge’ and their ‘heart knowledge.’” As chair of integration, Dr. Strawn brings a rich blend of experience in teaching, research, and spiritual formation leadership that he draws upon in helping his students understand and embody integration.


Piaget Possession Turquoise amp; Diamond Station Bracelet yGaSCwA5

The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Christian Therapist

Integration: With What and With Whom?

The Integration of Psychology and Theology at Fuller


Professor of Marriage and Family Studies

Dr. Lee, a Fuller faculty member for 30 years, has written and taught extensively in the areas of marriage, family, and ministry. “In our Marriage and Family program,” he says, “we believe that peacemaking, with the attendant clinical virtues of humility, compassion, hope and Sabbath rest, provide a coherent narrative framework for Christian therapists.” A licensed minister and Certified Family Life Educator, he is a popular speaker outside of Fuller as well.


To Tell the Old, Old Story: The Narrative Dimension of Counseling and Spirituality

Do You Need Jesus to Be a Good Therapist?

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hear from our alumni

"I have blossomed as a therapist because of the support, education, and prayers of the people at this school. Learning as part of a cohort has been such a gift, having like-minded others with whom to share this journey. Another highlight is the amazing faculty who show genuine care and excitement for their therapeutic work and their students! I am blown away by their hard work, humility, and compassion as they guide us through this program. Students not only get a great education here, they see their lives transformed and renewed."

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